Weight Gain During Pregnancy

It's normal for women to gain some weight during pregnancy due to the growth of the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid.

Eating for two is the term we seem to hear a lot when you’re pregnant, however you have to remember that that second being growing inside of you is not the same size as you!

This is what many women seem to forget once they fall pregnant. They forget to watch their weight and constantly say to themselves “I am eating for two”.
Yes that is correct, yes it’s ok to put on weight during your pregnancy! However you must remember there is healthy weight gain and then there is unhealthy weight gain during your pregnancy.

Once again every woman’s pregnancy journey is different and no two women have the same body, therefore weight gain needs to be assessed by your obstetrician to ensure you and your baby are healthy and growing well.

What is considered ‘healthy’ & ‘unhealthy’ weight gain during pregnancy?

The amount of weight that a woman can expect to gain during pregnancy varies depending on the woman’s existing weight and height.
The table below shows recommendations for total and average rate of weight gain during pregnancy, by pre-pregnancy BMI.

pre-pregnancy BMI table.png

Eating for ‘two’

When eating in general it is important to keep in mind what you eat and the nutritional value of the food.

Tip: Eat to fuel your body.

This is vital especially when you are pregnant.

To put this into perspective eating 100gr of M&M’s chocolate with a nutritional value of 30gr Sugar (refined sugar) & 10gr Fat, as you can see there isn’t really anything good about having this ‘snack’ apart from stopping a sugar craving. Where as when you compare this to a 100gr of a red delicious apple the nutritional value is only 10.4gr of sugar and NO fat; keep in mind this natural sugar and there is also plenty of vitamin C and fiber in that apple.
Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have any sweets or treats at all, but what I am saying is to be mindful about what you eat on a DAILY bases.

As stated above depending on our weight pre-pregnancy this will determine how much weight you should/can put on during each trimester.
Naturally you will put on weight as your baby, placenta and amniotic fluid grow.

Have your chocolate or piece of cake but don’t forget it might be a good idea to go for a walk afterwards, or limit how many ‘treats’ you have each week.
(For exercise tips see my previous blog 'Exercising During Pregnancy').

Remember you aren’t just eating that apple for you, but for your growing baby as well. Your baby definitely doesn’t need a packet of chips or slice of cake every day.

So be mindful and be smart with what you choose to fuel your body and baby with.

As to what you can and cannot eat whilst pregnant this is discussed at your first appointment with Dr Suzana and all information is included on your USB we provide our patients with.