Why am I charged a pregnancy planning & management fee?

The management fee facilitates personalised pregnancy care & 24/7 private cover for your pregnancy. Personalised pregnancy care includes consideration of a patient’s personal delivery preferences and also prompt quality management of any complications of pregnancy that occur. Such complications can have a considerable impact on the wellbeing of a patient and her baby.

The management fee also allows us to run our practice efficiently with minimal patient waiting time and inconvenience, with the opportunity to see a patient whenever there is a problem between scheduled visits (such as if bleeding occurs). This fee covers the large medical insurance cost the Obstetrician must have in order to practice along with many other overheads (rent, wages, medical equipment etc.). It reimburses the Obstetrician for providing 24/7 cover and the disruption to their own lives and the lives of their family that this causes.


What is the relationship between the management fee and my delivery fee?

NONE. The management fee is independent of your delivery fee.

The management fee (Medicare item 16590) is independent of the delivery fee (Medicare item 16519 or 16522 – depending on your delivery).

The Government expects the management fee to be paid once in a pregnancy. The management fee amount is the same irrespective of the type delivery, the number of week gestation you are when you deliver, whether or not I am personally available to deliver your baby.


What happens if you are not able to deliver my baby?

Dr Suzana personally delivers the babies of well over 95% of her patients with many ongoing pregnancies. While she is usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to attend when you go into labour and to deliver your baby, there are scenarios when this does not happen.

As your management fee is independent of your delivery fee, you are not entitled to a refund (in full or in part) of your management fee if Dr Suzana is not available to personally deliver your baby.

The most common scenarios when she may not deliver your baby include:

  • Early preterm delivery. Less than 3% of patients will deliver before 34 weeks pregnancy.

  • Dr Suzana is not available as she is on holidays, has a family commitment, is at a conference, etc and have arranged for an obstetrician colleague to provide cover (who are all highly experienced in normal & high risk pregnancies/deliveries).

  • Dr Suzana is operating or delivering another patient when you are delivering.

Please understand that Dr Suzana will do everything in her power to make it to your labour & delivery, however sometimes it just isn’t possible.