About Dr Suzana Kotevska

Dr Suzana Kotevska is a female Obstetrician and Gynaecologist located in The Epworth Freemasons Private Hospital in the heart of East Melbourne.

Dr Suzana offers a range of personalised services tailored to every woman's needs, and she operates from two of the best private hospitals Epworth Freemasons and St Vincent's Private. 

Dr Suzana graduated from the Kiril and Metodij University in Skopje‚ Macedonia in 1987. She finished her internship and was employed as a lecturer of pathology in the Medical School for Nurses and was also employed as the Resident Medical Officer at the Infectious Diseases Department in the public hospital sector. Dr Suzana moved to Australia three years later after marrying her husband.

After arriving in Australia in 1990 Dr Kotevska finished her internship at the Geelong Hospital in 1991‚ fulfilling all the requirements of the Australian Medical Council to be fully registered as a medical practitioner in Australia. From 1995 to 1999 Dr Kotevska worked at the Bendigo Hospital where she was introduced to Obstetrics and Gynaecology. With the great support and encouragement of the consultants at Bendigo Hospital she entered the official training program and worked for the next five and a half years at the Monash Medical Centre‚ which is a tertiary centre that deals with high-risk obstetrics. The program also requires that she also work in several hospitals around Melbourne and Tasmania. Upon finishing her fellowship Dr Kotevska was employed by the Mercy Hospital for Women where she is still one of the consultants. This is a tertiary care and high-risk pregnancy centre.

Dr Suzana's special interests and services include: 

- High-risk & complicated pregnancies 

- Multiple pregnancies

- Normal pregnancies

- Fertility problems 

- Pre-pregnancy counselling 

- General gynaecology

- Management of pelvic pain

- Contraception 

- Menstrual irregularities

- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

- Minimally invasive office procedures (insertion of IUD)

- Laparoscopic surgery

- Menopause management 

Dr Suzana is an experienced multi-lingual professional with decades of experiences, ensuring the best care whilst providing the utmost professional and personable assistance for women from all cultural backgrounds. 

The languages that she speaks other than English are Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian & Bulgarian.

In her spare time Dr Suzana loves to read, she has had her nose in a book ever since she was young! Spending time with her daughters and husband is something very precious to her as being a doctor is a very demanding as well as rewarding job.

She loves what she does and couldn't imagine herself doing anything else!