Firstly Congratulations on your pregnancy, what an exciting time!

Please call us as soon as you find out that you are pregnant on (03) 9419 8333.

The earliest that Dr Suzana can see the baby’s heartbeat is at 6 weeks and 2 days.


This is to ensure that you receive all the relevant information as well as be informed if there are any tests that you are required to do earlier on in your pregnancy.

What tests?

If you are unsure of your dates, have had any prior pregnancy problems or any bleeding Dr Suzana will organise an early dating scan for you.

In the case of spotting or bleeding it is important to have blood tests arranged by Dr Suzana in order to confirm that your pregnancy is doing well, before she can see the baby.

Great precaution is always taken with each of Dr Suzana’s patients in order to ensure you and your baby are healthy and progressing well.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read about Pre-Conception Testing and Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Screening. These are very important to get an understanding of before you see Dr Suzana at your first appointment (or even before you get pregnant) so you can then ask her any questions you may have. Check out out ‘Useful Links’ page for more informative websites on these topics & more.

Your first appointment with Dr Suzana will be booked at around 7-10 weeks.

This appointment is scheduled for about 45 minuets.

What is involved at your first appointment?

-       Expert dating ultrasound

-       Information on the first trimester

-       Discuss genetic screening and screening for Down’s syndrome (this is done at 12-13 weeks)

-       Discuss the rest of the blood tests that need to be done at 10 weeks

-       Any other tests/scan etc., if you have any medical conditions that will affect you or your baby

For those who have had bleeding, or a previous miscarriage, Dr Suzana will see you on a regular basis in order to ensure your baby is progressing well.

When booking your first appointment please make the staff aware of any medical conditions that you may have. Certain medications or habits (such as smoking) may need to be stopped or changed. If required Dr Suzana can see you earlier to make the correct changes.

After your first appointment, Dr Suzana will then see you after your 12 week ultrasound, then at 16 weeks, and then at 20 weeks after your ultrasound.

Dr Suzana will then see you at 24 weeks, and then at 28 weeks after your blood test has been done. This test is done to see if you have gestational diabetes, it will also retest your vitamin D and iron levels, as well as checking your blood antibodies.

However if you have a thyroid problem, then your level will get checked regularly.

At 30 weeks Dr Suzana will see you every 2 weeks up until 36 weeks, there will also be another ultrasound done at 32-34 weeks

From 36 weeks you will then see Dr Suzana every week up until your delivery. At 36 weeks a swab will be taken to look for group B strep. If you happen to be a carrier of this then antibiotics will be given in order to protect the baby when you go into labour.

A fetal assessment and the baby’s wellbeing will be checked at 38 weeks, this is in addition to your regular antenatal visit.

If you happen to be having twins then amount of visits is different, as of 20 weeks you will have visits every 2 weeks and as of 34 weeks those visits will then be weekly. It may change depending on your circumstances.