Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

Dr Suzana Kotevska - Welcoming Everyday Miracles

Dr Suzana Kotevska - Welcoming Everyday Miracles

A pleasure to deal with, Dr Kotevska delivered both of our children, and we thank you for that. A vibrant personality and professional, a winning combination for a specialist. Have referred friends here that have also had a positive experience. Conveniently located. Strongly recommend.
— Google Review - Shanan Greenhough -

It is not uncommon to not fall pregnant in the first few months of trying and it is equally not uncommon to be worried about the amount of time it takes to fall pregnant.

It is also important to seek help earlier on, as Dr Suzana recommends a general consultation and check-up before embarking on the journey of pregnancy. By seeing a specialist you can then make the right decision based on the expert information provided.

Your pre-pregnancy appointment with Dr Suzana involves an in-depth consultation which is beneficial for both you the mother and your future baby during your pregnancy.

Dr Suzana offers the latest in pregnancy technology, such as the genetic carrier screening to guide you through every step of pregnancy. Dr Suzana is a leader in pre-pregnancy counselling in Melbourne and is passionate about preparing women for their pregnancy journeys.

The session will involve the assessment of possible risks you may meet during your pregnancy, as well as determine any medical issues you or your partner may have that may need to be resolved or need to be treated during the pregnancy.  And various other things, it just all depends on the patient. As everyone is different.

Pre-pregnancy counselling with Dr Suzana aims to ensure you are physically healthy and prepared for your pregnancy experience, as well as emotionally prepared for the journey. 

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read about Pre-Conception Testing and Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Screening. These are very important to get an understanding of before you see Dr Suzana at your first appointment (or even before you get pregnant) so you can then ask her any questions you may have. Check out out ‘Useful Links’ page for more informative websites on these topics & more.