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Dr Suzana offers comprehensive care across:

  • High-risk & Complicated pregnancies

  • Multiple pregnancies

  • Normal deliveries

  • Instrumental deliveries

  • Caesarean sections

  • Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

Encouraging women to seek the most appropriate obstetric care for their individual needs and circumstances. She believes that first and foremost it is essential to identify these needs and circumstances, then create a maternity plan that is individually suited to you.

Dr Suzana is highly experienced in Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) deliveries and prides herself on being passionate about this delivery method.

Dr Suzana has helped thousands of women through their pregnancy journey and is experienced in also helping women safely deliver babies during high-risk & complicated pregnancies. 

Dr Suzana also has a special interest in same sex couples and single women who are trying to create a family.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read about Pre-Conception Testing and Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Screening. These are very important to get an understanding of before you see Dr Suzana at your first appointment (or even before you get pregnant) so you can then ask her any questions you may have. Check out out ‘Useful Links’ page for more informative websites on these topics & more.


Obstetric services 

Pregnancy Management

"Pregnancy management with an experienced Obstetrician can give you peace of mind as well as enhance the safety of both you and your baby throughout your pregnancy"

Dr Suzana praises herself on providing prompt answers to her patients’ questions, as well as spending time with her patients to assess and manage any potential concerns.
At her practice Dr Suzana provides complete care for women during their pregnancy journey.

In the first consultation for pregnancy Dr Suzana will take time to assess the patient’s pregnancy. This includes counselling‚ taking a history‚ assessing any possible past medical history that can affect the pregnancy. Counselling and explanation of the tests that are available to diagnose the well-being of the baby.

Dr Suzana provides detail around the tests during the pregnancy‚ the number of visits and structure of payments and fees.

I feel very fortunate to have Dr Kotevska next to me during my high risk pregnancy (vasa praevia). My baby girl was born 6 weeks earlier but on right time to avoid risk. Today I have a healthy baby and couldn’t thank enough to Dr Kotevska on her commitment and caring for us.
— Facebook Reviews - Ana Busac -

High Risk

Pregnancy Management

Experienced care for those in requiring high risk pregnancy management.
Dr Suzana believes that pregnancy is a momentous journey for women and it is her priority to help women navigate that experience safely and comfortably.

Complications can occur even in the healthiest women, which is why Dr Suzana is vigilant about helping women safely experience pregnancy. Involving other medical specialists where needed in order to reduce morbidity and complications, as well as to optimise the delivery and improve the outcomes.

Dr Suzana has the skills and expertise to help women navigate high-risk pregnancies as safely as possible for both mother and baby. Working with women to give them peace of mind and increase the safety both of themselves and their babies through high risk pregnancy management.

Dr Suzana has a wealth of experience in managing twin pregnancies which are largely considered high risk and should be managed by an experienced Obstetrician.