Dr Suzana Kotevska


Dr Suzana Kotevska is a female Obstetrician and Gynaecologist located in The Epworth Freemasons Private Hospital in the heart of East Melbourne.
An experienced multi-lingual professional with decades of experiences.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that women feel comfortable and relaxed with our all-female team of professionals.                  

Experienced in providing the utmost professional and personable assistance for women from all cultural backgrounds.



Choosing an Obstetrician is often an extremely personal decision.

Dr Kotevska encourages women to seek the most appropriate obstetric care for their individual needs and circumstances. She believes that first and foremost it is essential to identify these needs and circumstances, then create a maternity plan that is individually suited to you.

Dr Kotevska has helped thousands of women through their pregnancy journey and is experienced in also helping women safely deliver babies during high-risk pregnancies.


Dr Kotevska will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.   As a female Gynaecologist Dr Kotevska understands that gynaecological conditions can be intimidating and very personal.

Dr Kotevska’s wealth of experience enables her to perform gyanecological services with a unique blend of professional and personable care.


pre-pregnancy counselling

A pre-pregnancy counselling session will involve the assessment of possible risks you may meet during your pregnancy, as well as determine any medical issues you may have that may need to be resolved or need to be treated during the pregnancy. Aiming to ensure you are physically and emotionally healthy and prepared for your pregnancy experience.

Dr Kotevska offers the latest in pregnancy technology, such as the genetic carrier screening to guide you through every step of pregnancy.